September 16, 2012

Wash Day: ACV Rinse!

Hey lovelies!

So I just got back from Detroit today - was dancing/performing salsa this weekend :) Much fun!

After all the gel I used in my hair this weekend and with my scalp being slightly itchy...I decided to finally try an ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse. I bought the bottle a month ago and never got around to it.

Some benefits of ACV:
- helps remove build up from hair products (i.e., stylers, conditioners, shampoos)

- helps to kill bacteria that causes dandruff and itchiness (scalp is too alkaline)

- Helps to balance the pH in hair. The pH in our hair is thrown off by many of the different hair products we use that are more alkaline or acidic in nature. Hair has an ideal pH of 4.5 to 5.5, which is close to that of ACV pH of 2.9 (mildly acidic).

Why you should care about balancing the pH in your hair:

More alkaline products ((i.e., hair coloring, relaxers) open up the cuticles on the hair shaft in order for the product to be able to penetrate the hair shaft. A "neutralizer" is then applied to flatten the hair shaft again, but often times the damage has already been done. This can lead to highly porous hair which can be damaging to hair health. For more on the porosity of hair, check out the post --> "Girl, your hair is so POROUS!"

More acidic products (i.e shampoos) help the cuticle to lie flat so it's easier to remove the oils and dirt.

If you don't care about the science behind it all lol just remember it's important to look for products that help balance the pH in your hair.

What you'll need:

(This recipe is from Naptural85)

1/4 cup of ACV
1 cup of water
Measuring cups
Squeeze or Spray bottle

1. I measured everything and mixed it all together in a squeeze bottle. Next time I'll use a spray bottle for easier application.

2. I cleansed my hair with DevaCurl No-Poo.

3. I then applied the ACV rinse all over my hair and scalp, massaged it in for about a minute and then rinsed.

My thoughts:

Holy clarifying! It definitely removed all product build up from my hair. It's like using a clarifying shampoo but natural.

It smells horrible by the way but a good rinse got ride of most of the smell. I applied my deep conditioner as usual after.

I loved it though and I was so surprised by how well it worked as a clarifier. I don't shampoo my hair regularly anyway because it's drying and I'll definitely be using this mixture in replace of shampoos in the future. I can't see myself doing it more than once a month or when my hair has build up because it is extremely clarifying.

Have you tried an ACV rinse? What are your thoughts?

Peace. Love. and Afros


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1 comment:

  1. I have tried an AVC rinse twice and an ACV/baking soda rinse once. I wasn't a big fan of either. (You can search for the results on my blog.)

    The ACV rinses did nothing, but it may be because I only used a spray bottle. For the ACV/BS rinse, I submerged my head in the sink multiple times.

    Although the last method loosened tons of gunk, to me my hair didn't feel any different than after a regular clarifying shampoo. Since the shampoo is quicker/less messy, I prefer it.

    I do admit, however, that I enjoyed the sheen afterward.

    BTW, you've been nominated for a fabulous award: