September 28, 2012

Check Out The Other Side: Dhanielle

"My hair doesn't define who I am. All that matters is that you feel amazing and confident with how you look."
What’s your name? Dhanielle
How old are you? 18
What do you do? I am a first year student attending the University of Toronto studying Criminology and Employment Relations.
Where are you? Canada
How did we met? We’re sisters :)
Describe your style. Whatever is clean, that can fit me.
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Quote you live by: “Out of many, one people” – Jamaican Motto
Describe your hair?
Shoulder length, dark brown, straight.
Tell us a little about your hair history. How long have you had a relaxer? Why did you originally decide to relax your hair?
I’ve had a relaxer now for seven years, since I was eleven. Originally my mom decided to relax my hair to make it easier to manage.  And to be quite honest, I was tired of the traditional pigtails, with coloured "bubbles” and matching clips.
Where the reasons for relaxing your hair then, the same as the reasons for relaxing your hair now?
Now, the choice to relax my hair is entirely my own and not my mom’s. However, I still relax it because I find it much easier to manage and easier to style.
Describe your hair regime.
I usually wash my hair every two weeks. I recently discovered the brand Crème of Nature, and have fell in love! I use the Crème of Nature products that specifically contain argan oil. Both the shampoo and condition are about $6 each! (the shampoo is sulphate free!) Using the Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo, I wash my hair 2-3 times and then follow up with their Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment. With the conditioner in, I deep treat my hair under the dryer for 15 minutes. My hair not only smells amazing but feels hydrated and smooth. I also use the Moroccanoil Treatment from the Moroccanoil products. The bottle is small and a little expensive but it is totally worth it, to keep moisture in. Plus, you don’t really need that much oil per usage, so the product will last for a long time. Then I air dry/ or blow dry my hair and straighten.
At nights, I usually wrap my hair (brushing my hair around my head and securing with bobby pins) and then cover it with a silk scarf.  
How do you normally style your hair?
In terms of styling, I’m very boring. I just wear my hair down straight most days. On days when my hair doesn’t really co-operate (we all have those days), I usually just brush it into a neat bun/ponytail to avoid using the straightener.
What do you think of the natural hair movement?
To be honest, the natural hair movement did not really catch my interest as much until after Jhanelle made the decision to go au naturale. I love the natural look :)
Would you ever consider going natural? Why or Why not?
I definitely would consider going natural! Although, I have to admit that I’d be worried as to how to manage my hair, how to style it, and what I would look like. Straight hair is all that I know, since I started taking care of my own hair. But I’m sure Jhanelle would bombard me with help and support :P
Do you think that by relaxing your hair you're promoting the idealism that kinky hair is “bad” or “unmanageable” and that we need to “fix” it?
Overall, my hair doesn’t define who I am. I don’t believe that by relaxing my hair, I’m not being myself, nor does it mean that kinky hair is a bad thing. Kinky hair is a beautiful thing and so is straight hair. All that matters is that you feel amazing, and confident with how you look and whatever style of hair you choose to wear! :)
Apart from the obvious, what’s the best thing about being my sister? :D
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[J: I wanted to do a post showcasing "The Other Side", aka our relaxed straight hair counterparts. I wanted to show that not everyone that relaxes their hair has self esteem issues or is unhappy with their hair situation. At the end of the day, it's all about healthy hair and my sister said it best: All that matters is that you feel amazing and confident with how you look. Whether it's curly or straight, and that is a choice every individual will make. But if my sister does decide to rock her natural hair, I'm hurrr! :) ]

[J: Dhanielle and I! <3 m'sister!]
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