September 11, 2012

Check Out Dem Curls...AGAIN: Evelyn!

- Evelyn -

Evelyn was originally featured on Dem Curls in July --> Check Out Dem Curls: Evelyn!
As an avid zouk-dancer and business management student with thick loose curls, I invited her back to share with us her new fabulously bold hair style!
She shaved it! :D

Describe your new hairstyle in 3 words.
Ecstatic. Comfortable. Unique.
What made you decide to shave your head?
I have curly hair and unless you’re going to straighten your hair and do something with it, there’s not too many styling options....unless you’re a hairstylist LOL
I also figured if my haircut was “out there” then I wouldn’t need to spend as much time styling it.
Is it everything you had hoped it would be?
Not the first time. I originally went to a hair dresser to get it cut and for some reason hair stylists are afraid to use clippers! But once I went to the barber, definitely! :)
What’s your favourite thing about your style?
The different designs I can do on my shaved head! :D

Any advice for those naturals looking to be a little adventurous and switch it up?
Look for ideas on the internet if you’re stuck on being creative. Don’t think about it too much and go for it! Hair grows back!

[J: I la-la-la-la-la-love her design! It looks amazing!]
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