September 14, 2012

Diary of a 3B/3C Girl: "WTF Am I Doing To My Hair on Vacation"

Hello Dem Curls readers!

My back story
I'm a 3b/c girl dealing with the daily struggles of my hair type. I've been natural (relaxer and products) for about 2 years now and in the early days I cut my hair off (think Rihanna/Kelis short styles) in frustration hoping for it to ease my daily routine.

Frustrations/Curly Girl Problems/ The Ways My Hair Has Wronged Me
Frustration #1: My hair has split personalities: the front and back are more of a 3b personality but the middle is definitely 3c....what is a girl to do when she's dealing with two different curl patterns!?

Frustration #2: It is constantly dry. Water doesn't penetrate my hair and I go through conditioner like it's going out of style.

Frustration #3: It's high maintenance for any style other than the bun up-do. If I want to let my hair out I have to wet/rinse it every day to recover my curls. Otherwise my curls stretch out and retain odd, non-uniform shapes.

It's been 12 months since I've been growing out my hair and currently it's in this weird shape that I don't know what to do with it other than to throw it up in a bun every day. I am getting it reshaped in a few weeks and I can't be more excited! Til then I've been traveling in South America and have been even more low key with my hair routine than usual

Mendoza, Argentina
I've taken 1 product.....and any other curly girl out there can probably guess what that one product is.....a conditioner! It's the one thing my hair probably could not live without (refer to hair frustration #2). It's a one step process I do every day when I shower and I either rinse it out or leave it in my hair as it's always in a bun. In this way I'm moisturizing it as I put it in a protective style while I continue to grow it out until I get it reshaped. It's also been an super quick and easy style to do as I run around on my little tours in the cities I visit. I'm able to look reasonably put together with little effort.

(In case anyone is wondering the conditioner I've been using is my favorite thus far and it's the Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment)

Until next time!

- Annalee


[J: Annalee was original featured on a Hair Profile --> Check Out Dem Curls: Annalee! She'll be doing a monthly feature for Dem Curls, entitled Diary of a 3B/3C Girl!  She also blogs about natural beauty products, check out her blog here--> Green Your Beauty]

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