September 2, 2012

My Signature Scent: BLUE by Fruits and Passions

Name: Blue Eau de Toilette
What is it? Fragrance
How much? $45
Size? 75 ml
Where to purchase?

Product Highlights:

"Blue Eau de Toilette features an enveloping fragrance that’s light and refreshing. Its unique scent is brimming with sunshine and conjures up gentle summer breezes. Summery, fruity fragrance with vanilla notes."
My Opinion:

Welcome to my signature scent! No this is not a hair product...But I really wanted to do this review. So I did {Boss face} :)

I have been wearing this perfume since high school. So that's probably about 8 years now! It's important to me to always smell good. Especially given that I dance and I'm always with clients at work, I want something that's not too strong but memorable. It's such that people now recognize me by this scent! lol

I love it because it smells exactly like the description - sunshine and summer breezes and reminds me of such things too.  I'm not a fan of really pungent perfumes, so this one is perfect. It's subtle, not too strong and a little goes a long way. A 75 ml will last me for about 4 months. I use it everywhere. During the day, at work, at night, when I'm dancing, when I go out, etc. They also make travel sizes for your purse or when you're on the go. It's very affordable. 
I've tried other perfumes, but always come back to this one. I think if they were to discontinue it, I would cry. No lie.


Peace. Love. Summer Breezes :)
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  1. Hahahaha "boss face" I want to find my signature scent but I too am not a fan of perfumes that are to strong...okay so I do love me some Michael Kors and Narciso Rodriguez but one bottle would probably last me years lol I want something I can wear everyday and although I've always been a lotion and boday spray kind of girl I feel it doesn't go a long way >_< any suggestions as to where I can get affordable yet nice scents in store?

  2. I actually stumbled across this scent, I hate shopping for perfumes because I'm very particular about smells.

    I would suggest trying Fruits and Passions or The Body Shop! I find they have many Eau De Toilettes that smell lovely, and are reasonably priced (compared to designer perfumes sold in retail stores etc).