September 20, 2012

Moisturizing vs. Sealing (The Difference)


 Hola lovelies!

So today's lesson is about the difference between moisturizing and sealing.


A moisturizers job is to add moisture to the hair.

For example:
Water - the best moisturizer: hands down.

Leave in Conditioners - have conditioning and moisturizing properties. Look for products with water as the first ingredient. Avoid products that contain petroleum and mineral oil (bad bad bad).


If you don't seal in the moisture mentioned above, it'll dry out of your strands and your hair will remain dry.
Likewise, if you apply oil without water it won't moisturize, your hair will stay dry because oils don't moisturize. They act as a barrier, they seal water in but they can also seal them out. So the pomade your Mom would apply on your dry hair as a child ...ya, it wasn't moisturizing.

Oils and butters help to seal in the moisture from Step 1.

For example:

Coconut oil
Olive oil
Castor oil
Shea butter

It's a two step process that will lead to happier hair.

Peace. Love. and More Love.

:) J
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