August 9, 2013

Summerizing Your Hair Care Routine

Okay so we are almost half way through summer, but that's okay...there's still a little bit left!

1. Water your 'fro

The sun and humidity does a lot to dry out the hair. So it's important to keep it moisturized. I spritz my hair in the morning and night, and I co-wash more frequently during the summer months. Weekly deep conditioning treatments are also fab.

For an added kick, I add glycerin to my spritz bottle (it's a humectant that helps aid in the retention of water-moisture in the hair) and a little leave-in conditioner.
2. Drink water

Not only is it important to water your 'fro but it is very important to stay hydrated. Healthy hair begins from the inside out.

5. Beat the Heat

Try to stay away from heat styling tools (straighteners and curling irons) - the sun already does enough!

6. Invest in Hats

Summer is an amazing excuse to invest (or splurge) on hats - the best protection from the sun is to cover up your strands.

7. Rotate your products

Summer is a good time to rotate your products. You don't need as heave moisturizers and creams like you would in the winter.

So aim for lighter conditioners and oils (i.e., coconut and jojoba).

My fav's for this summer are Yes to Carrots, Pampering Conditioner and Wen Sweet Almond Milk Cleansing Conditioner.

8. Protect your hair in the pool (or at the beach)

- Pre-Pool: wet hair prior to entering the pool (your hair will absorb the water - leaving less room in the hair shaft for chlorinated water) and apply coconut oil and/or conditioner. I also find it helps to put my hair in braids because it gets less tangled in the water (water + loose hair = shrinkage = tangles = no fun).

- In the Pool: do cannonballs and have fun

- Post Pool: make sure you wash your hair with shampoo and give it a good deep conditioning treatment

- Can't be Bothered: wear a swim cap

What do you do to summerize your hair care routine?

- J
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Oprah: Big Hair Don't Care!

Epic fro (wig). One day mine will be this big.

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Bey's New Pixie Cut

Loving it! Loving it! Loving it!

I know there's a lot being said right about her big chop but just like people talked about her weaves, her pregnancy (or apparent lack there of), and her relationship....they'll get over this and move on to the next.

Loving the pixie cut!

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July 6, 2013

Check Out Dem Curls: Sharlene

"When I dress up I go all in and make sure I dress my best; but when I dress, I dress for me no one else."
Introduce yourself...
What's your name? Ooh that thing on my birth certificate;

How old are you? I’m15 years of age!
What do you do? Still in school!
Where are you? Toronto, Ontario, my love
Describe your style. My style is something else. It’s a mixture of so many different colours, shapes, and sizes (mostly colours). I find that besides everything in the world, fashion is something I can really express myself in.
When I dress up I go all in and make sure I dress my best; but when I dress, I dress for me no one else.

I love: Forever 21, Old Navy, Urban Planet/behavior, Garage, Labels, Ateaze, Adidas, etc. For my jewelry, my goto's are:  Aldo accessories, Urban Planet, and Michael Hill. So as you can see I’m not that big on jewelry, but as long as its unique, colourful and a reasonable price...I’m buying!
Describe your hair. My hair is tight curls and waves. It's pretty thick and dark brown.
Now playing: My favorite song at the moment is Wine Back by: K. Rich
Quote you live by:  “If you enter this world knowing you are loved, and leave this world knowing the same, than everything in between will be dealt with.” - Michael Jackson
I detangle my hair to prep it for a wash, that way when in the shower I can comb through my hair with my fingers.
I wash and condition my hair at least once a week. I usually have my hair out, tied back into a pony-tail, and in a bun in the week leading up to the wash.
In the shower...
I apply the shampoo to my scalp and from my scalp, I work my way down to my ends. Than I take my hands and slick all the soap back and then wash it all out gently.
The products I use in my hair are:
-          Tresemme Colour Shampoo
-          Tresemme Colour Conditioner
-          Organic Root Stimulator: Replenishing Conditioner (which smells like oranges)
-          Organic Root Stimulator: Jojoba Oil
-          Organic Root Stimulator: Curls Unleashed, Moisturizing Conditioner
-          Shea All Naturals: Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner
-          Parachute: Gold Coconut Hair Oil
-          Olive Oil
-          Hollywood beauty: Castor Oil
Deep Conditioning:  the night before I wash my hair I mix: mayonnaise, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons/spoons of honey, 2 tablespoons/spoons of olive oil, HMS 90: Whey Protein Isolate (sprinkle some but not a lot), lastly I add Green Fragrance: Regimen Olive Drink.

Your regime..
I take my Jojoba oil, leave-in conditioner, and coconut oil  and apply it throughout my hair with my fingers (like a comb). I also work this into my scalp. Normally, I leave it in a high bun and just go to bed.
For special occasions I  blow dry my hair on a cool cycle until its fully dry, but first I use a big comb like nozzle and put against my scalp and blow dry, which results in a fro like style.
Social Media....
Facebook: ShArlene Sang
Twitter: @LePrecHaUnsWag8
Instagram: @tdototrini
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May 1, 2013

40 days and 40 nights

40 day and 40 nights finally rinse out your deep conditioner. Wait. Hold up?!

Okay! I'm over exaggerating, maybe not 40 days and 40 nights but I definitely use to leave my conditioner on overnight or for hours at a time.

Especially if I hadn't DC'd in a while, I would think I was doing my hair good by leaving it on longer...

Sometimes just out of sheer laziness...

Often times out of sheer laziness...

So what's the scoop? Please see below. Keep in mind the "good stuff" is all the amazing properties in the conditioner (i.e., moisture, protein, good ingredients, etc).

No more room for the "good stuff"...
After approximately 30 minutes there's no more places for the "good stuff" to go. All the good moisturizing properties of the conditioner will work it's way into your hair shaft within minutes of applying it to your hair. The amount increases the longer it's kept on...and if you add heat, the absorption time decreases. After a while (approx 30 min from start of the application)...there's literally NO MORE PLACES for the conditioner to go. It's found it's way into every crack, gap, hole, crevice, you name's there.

Too much of the "good stuff"...
Yes, you can over-condition your hair! You can have too much moisture, or too much protein, both of which can be more damaging to your hair. So yes, it may feel uber soft, but you could be weakening your hair in the process.

Also, you could be contributing to product build up on your scalp if you don't rinse it out properly. Leaving conditioner on overnight may not be good if you have a sensitive scalp.

In Conclusion...
As you see above, it's not not necessary to keep conditioner on your hair for long! Especially if you add a little heat to the mix.

However, I know sometimes chores get in the way, laziness strikes, you fall asleep, or forget about just be mindful. If you swear by overnight DC'ing, just be mindful. Don't do it too often and make sure you keep a good moisture/protein balance.

Do you ever DC overnight?

Peace. Love. and SUMMER14!



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March 10, 2013

COCO for Coconut Oil: 5 Uses for This Wonder Oil

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

It's March already. Y-E-S. Let's go Summer! I can't wait until the temperature hits 20+ degrees outside. I am not a winter person, and these snowstorms have been reeking havoc on my sanity (and my hair).

Now for today's post on: Coconut Oil.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how I LOVE this oil. Here are 5 ways in which I use coconut oil in my daily life.

Note: Make sure you buy virgin coconut oil - which is cold pressed and less refined than regular coconut oil.

  1. Sealant

Coconut oil is one of my favourite hair oils. I use it to seal in the moisture after a wash and/or leave-in. Coconut oil is one of the only oils that can absorb into the hair shaft, making it a perfect sealant which aids in retaining moisture in the hair.

2. Pre-Poo

I've started dry-detangling my hair before washing. I'll take a large dollop of coconut oil and work it into my hair while I detangle. A good detangle normally takes me an hour...while watching Vampire Diaries. Yes, I watch Vampire Diaries. Team Damon!

If you have highly porous hair, coconut oil is great as a pre-poo. It works it way into the hair shaft and prevents excessive water absorption and swelling of the hair shaft, which can cause breakage while washing.

How can you determine how porous your hair is? Check out --> "Girl, your hair is so POROUS!!"

3. Face Cleanser

I've been using coconut oil to cleanse my face for the past few months now. I got the idea from Hey Fran Hey (love her)! It actually works quite well. It gently lifts all the dirt and makeup off your face as good as a harsh cleansers, but without all drying effects.

How To: Take a dab of coconut oil and rub it between your palms. Apply to your face in a circular motion. Using warm/hot water, gentling wash the oil off your face. Use a clean wash cloth to dry your face after.

For more details check out her video here --> Maintaining Clear & Healthy Skin - The Oil Cleansing Method

4. Skin

Who needs lotion!? Coconut oil works even better. I use coconut oil on my skin after showering.

5. Lips

I started using this on my lips before bed time. I don't really walk around with the big jar during the day lol but after I cleanse my face (#3) I just add a dab to my lips and voila! Bed time.

So as you can see, my huge jar goes a long way!
How do you use coconut oil in your daily regime? How do you find it has helped with your hair? Skin?

Peace. Love. and Coconuts.


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February 19, 2013

Words of a Softy

[JS: My friend and I are forever having soft-hair wars. I lost on this particular day...and this is how he described his afro soft hair...for the win. I have to laugh, because there is almost a poetic ring to it. So I have entitled it...Words of a Softy. Please see the "Soft-O-Meter" for reference to "Wombs of a Marshmellow Mermaid". Enjoy.]

Verdict In!! Wombs of a Marshmellow Mermaid are jealous now...
I have been crowned: "La materia más suave".. Or at least my hair...
Soft as the gazillion blessed honourable hopes & dreams of angelic people scattered across time/space,
if those veritable super soft whimsys of light could be stuffed into the mattress of a cradle,
 to which his/her divine self would be placed in as a newborn of existence itself!

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