May 1, 2013

40 days and 40 nights

40 day and 40 nights finally rinse out your deep conditioner. Wait. Hold up?!

Okay! I'm over exaggerating, maybe not 40 days and 40 nights but I definitely use to leave my conditioner on overnight or for hours at a time.

Especially if I hadn't DC'd in a while, I would think I was doing my hair good by leaving it on longer...

Sometimes just out of sheer laziness...

Often times out of sheer laziness...

So what's the scoop? Please see below. Keep in mind the "good stuff" is all the amazing properties in the conditioner (i.e., moisture, protein, good ingredients, etc).

No more room for the "good stuff"...
After approximately 30 minutes there's no more places for the "good stuff" to go. All the good moisturizing properties of the conditioner will work it's way into your hair shaft within minutes of applying it to your hair. The amount increases the longer it's kept on...and if you add heat, the absorption time decreases. After a while (approx 30 min from start of the application)...there's literally NO MORE PLACES for the conditioner to go. It's found it's way into every crack, gap, hole, crevice, you name's there.

Too much of the "good stuff"...
Yes, you can over-condition your hair! You can have too much moisture, or too much protein, both of which can be more damaging to your hair. So yes, it may feel uber soft, but you could be weakening your hair in the process.

Also, you could be contributing to product build up on your scalp if you don't rinse it out properly. Leaving conditioner on overnight may not be good if you have a sensitive scalp.

In Conclusion...
As you see above, it's not not necessary to keep conditioner on your hair for long! Especially if you add a little heat to the mix.

However, I know sometimes chores get in the way, laziness strikes, you fall asleep, or forget about just be mindful. If you swear by overnight DC'ing, just be mindful. Don't do it too often and make sure you keep a good moisture/protein balance.

Do you ever DC overnight?

Peace. Love. and SUMMER14!



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