March 10, 2013

COCO for Coconut Oil: 5 Uses for This Wonder Oil

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

It's March already. Y-E-S. Let's go Summer! I can't wait until the temperature hits 20+ degrees outside. I am not a winter person, and these snowstorms have been reeking havoc on my sanity (and my hair).

Now for today's post on: Coconut Oil.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how I LOVE this oil. Here are 5 ways in which I use coconut oil in my daily life.

Note: Make sure you buy virgin coconut oil - which is cold pressed and less refined than regular coconut oil.

  1. Sealant

Coconut oil is one of my favourite hair oils. I use it to seal in the moisture after a wash and/or leave-in. Coconut oil is one of the only oils that can absorb into the hair shaft, making it a perfect sealant which aids in retaining moisture in the hair.

2. Pre-Poo

I've started dry-detangling my hair before washing. I'll take a large dollop of coconut oil and work it into my hair while I detangle. A good detangle normally takes me an hour...while watching Vampire Diaries. Yes, I watch Vampire Diaries. Team Damon!

If you have highly porous hair, coconut oil is great as a pre-poo. It works it way into the hair shaft and prevents excessive water absorption and swelling of the hair shaft, which can cause breakage while washing.

How can you determine how porous your hair is? Check out --> "Girl, your hair is so POROUS!!"

3. Face Cleanser

I've been using coconut oil to cleanse my face for the past few months now. I got the idea from Hey Fran Hey (love her)! It actually works quite well. It gently lifts all the dirt and makeup off your face as good as a harsh cleansers, but without all drying effects.

How To: Take a dab of coconut oil and rub it between your palms. Apply to your face in a circular motion. Using warm/hot water, gentling wash the oil off your face. Use a clean wash cloth to dry your face after.

For more details check out her video here --> Maintaining Clear & Healthy Skin - The Oil Cleansing Method

4. Skin

Who needs lotion!? Coconut oil works even better. I use coconut oil on my skin after showering.

5. Lips

I started using this on my lips before bed time. I don't really walk around with the big jar during the day lol but after I cleanse my face (#3) I just add a dab to my lips and voila! Bed time.

So as you can see, my huge jar goes a long way!
How do you use coconut oil in your daily regime? How do you find it has helped with your hair? Skin?

Peace. Love. and Coconuts.


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