February 19, 2013

Words of a Softy

[JS: My friend and I are forever having soft-hair wars. I lost on this particular day...and this is how he described his afro soft hair...for the win. I have to laugh, because there is almost a poetic ring to it. So I have entitled it...Words of a Softy. Please see the "Soft-O-Meter" for reference to "Wombs of a Marshmellow Mermaid". Enjoy.]

Verdict In!! Wombs of a Marshmellow Mermaid are jealous now...
I have been crowned: "La materia más suave".. Or at least my hair...
Soft as the gazillion blessed honourable hopes & dreams of angelic people scattered across time/space,
if those veritable super soft whimsys of light could be stuffed into the mattress of a cradle,
 to which his/her divine self would be placed in as a newborn of existence itself!

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