August 9, 2013

Summerizing Your Hair Care Routine

Okay so we are almost half way through summer, but that's okay...there's still a little bit left!

1. Water your 'fro

The sun and humidity does a lot to dry out the hair. So it's important to keep it moisturized. I spritz my hair in the morning and night, and I co-wash more frequently during the summer months. Weekly deep conditioning treatments are also fab.

For an added kick, I add glycerin to my spritz bottle (it's a humectant that helps aid in the retention of water-moisture in the hair) and a little leave-in conditioner.
2. Drink water

Not only is it important to water your 'fro but it is very important to stay hydrated. Healthy hair begins from the inside out.

5. Beat the Heat

Try to stay away from heat styling tools (straighteners and curling irons) - the sun already does enough!

6. Invest in Hats

Summer is an amazing excuse to invest (or splurge) on hats - the best protection from the sun is to cover up your strands.

7. Rotate your products

Summer is a good time to rotate your products. You don't need as heave moisturizers and creams like you would in the winter.

So aim for lighter conditioners and oils (i.e., coconut and jojoba).

My fav's for this summer are Yes to Carrots, Pampering Conditioner and Wen Sweet Almond Milk Cleansing Conditioner.

8. Protect your hair in the pool (or at the beach)

- Pre-Pool: wet hair prior to entering the pool (your hair will absorb the water - leaving less room in the hair shaft for chlorinated water) and apply coconut oil and/or conditioner. I also find it helps to put my hair in braids because it gets less tangled in the water (water + loose hair = shrinkage = tangles = no fun).

- In the Pool: do cannonballs and have fun

- Post Pool: make sure you wash your hair with shampoo and give it a good deep conditioning treatment

- Can't be Bothered: wear a swim cap

What do you do to summerize your hair care routine?

- J
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