November 30, 2012

My 5 Fav Things This Week!

1. TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner

This has actually been my favourite thing for the past 3 weeks. I la-la-la-love it! I use it for my co-washes, and will leave a little in my hair as a leave-in. Smells gorgeous too!

2. Natural Shea Butter

TRESemme Naturals and Shea butter has been my ISH recently. Mainly because I haven't had time to do much else to my hair (work and dance). The Shea butter has been working miracles for me in this bitter cold. I use it to sell in all the goodness from my co-washes with the TRESemme conditioner.

3. Prairie Girl Cupcakes

My client is right across the street from their store and that's a peanut butter jelly cupcake. Enough said. I have a cupcake problem.

Check them out at:

4. On my ipod:  "Misteriosa - Atim" (Kizomba)

I have been on a Kizomba high for the past few months and I have been listening to this song non-stop all week. Can't wait to get on the dance floor this weekend! In case you guys don't know what Kizomba is, check out one of my fav couples who will be in Toronto in February for the Bachata Festival:

YouTube: Freestyle Tarraxinha with Albir and

5. NAKED - Urban Decay




Peace.Love.& all of the above.

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