November 2, 2012

Check Out Dem Curls: Whitney!

"Be the person that God created you to be! Embrace your natural beauty with full confidence and most importantly, BE YOU!!" - Whitney
What’s your name? Hey!! Whitney is name ;)
How old are you? I’m 21 years of age
What do you do? Right now i’m holding down 2 full time jobs as a CNA and cashier trying to save up for college.
Where are you? I’m currently in the southern part of Louisiana
How did we met? Instagram!!
Describe your style. I would describe my style as hippie casual/tomboy
Now Playing: Currently listening to beautiful flower by India Arie
Quote you live by: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Psalm 139:14
Describe your hair type? My hair definitely has a mind of it’s own!! It’s thick, curly, wavy, frizzy, and long!!
Tell us a little about your hair history and what made you decide to go natural?
Growing up as a kid my hair was always extremely long and really curly! I remember sitting between my mom’s legs screaming and crying while she combed out the tangles and styled it into cute ponytails with little bows and ribbons. I was about 8 years old when I begged my mom to cut and relax my hair because I was sick and tired of other little kids pulling my hair. So from age 8 to age 12 I’ve recieved about 4 relaxers. I had my very last relaxer and went natural age 12 when I started the 7th grade and told my mom that I was old enough to take care of my own hair. From age 12 to age 18 my hair suffered from heat damge, color damage, and I’ve also gotten a few bald spots from hairstyles that was a little too stressful for my scalp. At age 18 I discovered Youtube and that’s when I finally learned how to care for my hair! At age 19 (2011) I decided to cut off 14inches of hair to donote to locks of love. That moment was my fresh start to healthy natural hair!!
Describe your hair regime.
My regimen is pretty simple due to the lack of time that I have. Once a week I wash my hair using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner and then I let it air dry. After air drying I apply organic coconut oil for moisture and then I style my hair in 2 strand twists. I rinse, air dry, and remoisturize my hair about 3 times a week between washes because I exercise daily. Sometimes I might substitute my 2 strand twists for a messy bun, braids, or a wash & go (depending on the day). Combs and brushes plays no part in my regime at all and I ALWAYS sleep with a satin scarf or satin pillow case.
How do you normally style your hair?
I always wear my hair up in 2 strand twists or a messy bun during the week because I work so much!! The only time I’ll wear my hair down in my curly fro is on the weekends for church or going out to eat. My “special occasion” style of choice is always my wash & go!!
Who is your hair icon? I would have to say my hair icon is myself because there’s no one else like me ;) 
What was your Momma’s best kept hair secret? Protective styling and moisture!!
The one hair product you couldn’t live without.  Ummmm I have about 3, but the main product I could not live without is my organic coconut oil.
Mistakes that you’ve learned from. HEAT DAMAGE!  My hair  has suffered from so much heat damge over the years just from flat ironing. I’ve also learned that rubber bands are EVIL! Those little suckers have been the cause of many bald spots that I’ve recieved in past years.
What’s the best thing about being curly? It makes you stand out!! Heads will turn when a curly girl walks in the room. Also the many different hairstyles you can acheive.
Any advice for ‘dem curls out there? Be the person that God created you to be! Embrace your natural beauty with full confidence and most importantly, BE YOU!! 
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