November 2, 2012

Sh*t People Ask Black People About Black Hair

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be humorous..don't take it personal ;)
1. If you don’t wash your hair every you shower?
It's called a shower cap! Or a plastic bag...Apparently it’s inconceivable how we can shower and not wash our hair at the same time! The answer is YES, I shower...and daily too! :P

Unlike straight hair, our hair doesn’t get oily as quickly. Therefore, we don’t need to wash our hair everyday. I shampoo my hair once a month, if that much. And I'll co-wash during the week.
When I permed my hair, I would wash it once a week, and when I pressed it....every 2 weeks. I use to catch myself lying and saying that I washed my hair every couple days just so people wouldn’t think I didn't wash myself lol.
2. Why don’t you grow your hair?
I use to get this so much in high's like, I’m trying here! [Boss face]
Hair grows on average a half an inch a month and some people’s hair grows above average.

Personally, I’ve battled with breakage which prevents length retention. Some hair types, especially kinky curly hair are more fragile and susceptible to breakage which can hinder length retention.
My hair may not grow as fast as yours, but does yours grow as bold as mine? :)
3. OMG....It’s so soft!!

It’s like really, what were you expecting? A bristle pad?

4. Why don’t you like to get your hair wet?
Now that I'm natural, I don't care.

But having had permed hair..if you spent 5 hours in a salon on a Saturday morning and upwards of $100 to straighten your wouldn’t want to get it wet either. Just saying :)

5. Can I touch it?

Sadly, most of the time that answer will be a NO. LOL

Comic Relief
6. How do you get it to stick to your head like that? [cornrows]
7. Does it just grow from your head like that? [braids and cornrows]

8. Wait...where does your hair end and the fake hair start?
9. Do you wash your scalp with a tooth brush? [When I had braids or extensions]

10. OMG, your hair grew over night!

11. Is it real?
12. You can do so much with your hair!

13. How does it do that?!?
14. OMG, you actually sew fake hair in your head? How does that work, do you sew it to your scalp?

What are some crazy questions you've gotten from others? And how have you responded?

Peace. Love. and BIG Afros (Like a BOSS).


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