November 19, 2012

Product Review: Twist N Locs

Name: Twist n Locs Herbal Conditioning Spray
Size? 8oz
Where to find?

Product Highlights:

"Non-greasy, itch free herbal spray protects and adds moisture to twists, locs, braids and all natural hair styles. Provides maximum shine and alleviates dry and itchy scalp."

Key Ingredients Include:

Water, Wheat Germ, Indian Hemp, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, D & E, Nano Multivatims A, D,E &F

How I Used It

The lovely folks from Twist N Locs sent me a sample of their products to try!

Wet Hair
I don't normally shampoo, but I wanted to try out all the products in conjuction. So I shampooed with the Natural Oil Shampoo, and then applied the Organic Leave-In Conditioner. I then sealed with my regular mixture of coconut oil and shea butter.

Damp Hair
Any type of product application works best for me on damp hair. When I applied the leave-in, it was to semi-damp hair.
Dry Hair
I didn't really use any of the products on dry hair. As a refresher for my twists during the week, I would mist with water and then mist my hair with the Herbal Conditioning Spray.

My Opinion:

So I guess first thing to mention, is no my hair is not locked. I normally twist hair during the week for work, and I used the Herbal Conditioning Spray to help seal and moisturize my twists. I noted it also provided a slight hold (almost a slight waxy feeling), which helped to tame some of the mid week frizz and provided a nice twist out (w/no gel). My scalp is very sensitive, so I didn't apply any of the spray to my scalp. I normally try and avoid product application on my scalp and the only product I use on it is jojoba oil.

The shampoo worked well, it didn't leave my hair hella-dry, which I appreciated. I'm not a big shampoo person, as I normally co-wash.

I'm very particular about smell, and I wasn't too fond of the smell of the products. It wasn't horrible, but it was a little too much for me.

I found the leave-in worked okay on my hair, it left it moisturized. My hair was not as soft as usual, but then again it's been in a mood of it's own lately (winter...).

I'll definitely keep the Herbal Conditioning Spray in my rotation, but I'll likely stick with my regular leave-in.




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