November 30, 2012

5 Non-Hair Related Uses For Your Afro

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1. Pillow

My most favourite use! I use my afro as a pillow on the train, or at my desk (shhh don't tell my Manager!). It's so soft, it's lovely. Other people (your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other) can use it as a pillow too! Sharing is caring, I was told.

What's awkward is when people you don't know try and use your hair as a pillow. Don't ask but it happens all the time lol

2. Helmet

This is definitely not legal...but sometimes when my hair is mad with product build up...I feel like this is possible.

3. Bee catcher

Bee's flying into your hair and getting stuck? Not fun. It's a true story. But if you're in the Bee-business, it's a great tool.

4. Conversation Starter

It's a great conversation starter....most often times people are very intrigued and I hear "How do you get your hair like that?" a lot.
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Sh*t People Ask Black People About Black Hair

5. Height

Comb your hair out really big, and you'll add like 4-5 inches on your height. If you weren't blessed vertically, use your hair!

xo - J

Peace. Love. Afros.

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