October 7, 2012

Wash & Go Success + Turkey Dinner

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Tonight I had an AH-MAZING dinner. Complete with rice and peas, oxtail, salmon, turkey and dessert! I was in heaven and the itis set in shortly after :P

I also wanted to share with you my first Wash and Go (WnG) success!

I use to hate WnG's. My hair shrinks up terribly and tangles horribly. It never ends up shaping the way I want it to and then looks more like a blob.

I got home earlier and was getting ready to go to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I was going to throw my hair in a poof, but after dancing/performing/taking workshops all weekend (Canada Salsa Congress!) my hair needed a good rinsing!

So I said...let me try a wash and go. I was in a rush and with the state of my hair after this weeks congress..it couldn't have got much worse. So tentatively I stepped in the shower...and the results were awesome!! I surprised myself.

How I Did It

1. I put my hair into 5 quick braids (braiding the hair in the direction I wanted it to fall).

2. I drenched my hair with water - with the braids in.

3. I undid each section and co-washed with Yes to Carrots, Pampering Conditioner.

4. After I washed out each section, I applied more of the conditioner and a dollop of Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (I had the KCCC with me in the shower). I would then twist each section and move on to the next!

5. Once out of the shower, I  blotted each braid with a t-shirt to help remove excess water and product. I then used a blow drier on medium heat to help it dry a little quicker. Because my hair has low porosity it takes FOREVER to dry. I didn't dry it fully but left it slightly damp to finish air drying on it's own.

6. I applied a little bit of coconut oil, released the braids, shook out my fro and VOILA: the final result!

Why I Think It Worked This Time

I think the creaminess of the conditioner  helped my hair to clump my curls together and bring out the definition. Applying the KCCC right after helped to lock those curls in.

Washing and partially drying my hair in braids helped to keep my hair stretched to prevent horrible tangles but without ruining my curl pattern.

The only issue is that because my hair has low porosity, it can take forever to dry, so aiding with the blow drier was necessary. The whole process took me about a half an hour, so it may not necessarily work in the morning before work. Unless I wake up even early...and given that I can work so late...that's not going to happen lol. So I had to aid with a blow drier.

Also, because of the low porosity if I use too much product, product will sit on my hair if I apply it on drenched hair and leave white ish looking residue (as it is not absorbed easily into the hair strands). That was the case this time but blotting off excess product helped and using the blow drier.

How do you find WnG's? Do you like them? Hate them? Have a method that works for you?

xx J

Peace. Love. & Small Successes.
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