October 26, 2012

Check Out Dem Curls: Sandra!

"This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed." - Habakkuk 2:3

What’s your name? Sandra... (@nakawunde on Instagram)
How old are you? 26 but I'll keep saying I'm 21 for as long as I can get away with it so shhh!
What do you do? Sports therapist
Where are you? In my living-room, London
How did we met? Instagram whoop whoop
Describe your style.... Hmmm casual chic, comfy and cute? lol
Now Playing : Music is on shuffle and currently on Katy B "Let's get away"
Quote you live by:
"This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed." - Habakkuk 2:3
Describe your hair type?  Curly, thick but not tough, afro. Type 4b I think.
Tell us a little about your hair history and what made you decide to go natural?
I've always been natural. I just had to get used to sitting between mum's knees and let her comb out my 'fro without tears, or she'd "give me something to cry about" (high-five if your parents have ever said that to you). Hairstyles at primary school were typical schoolgirl looks- bunches, braids and cornrows with beads (oh yes, that was me)... I learnt how to style my own hair quite young, but mum did most of the maintaining in terms of washing and products. In secondary school I was pretty much the only girl with natural hair and baby hair that wasn't gelled to my forehead. My mum went through her own relaxer drama and forbid me from adding any chemicals to my curls. Suggesting dying it or cutting it into crazy styles got me that African mother's side-eye. She said I could experiment when I turned 18, but when I got there I was too used to my jetblack afro, so didn't even bother and here I am today. I should probably thank her.
Describe your hair regime.
Don't shoot me, I don't really have a set regime. I wash with whatever is in my bathroom when I gather enough energy to wash it. Haha. Usually it's Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Conditioning Shampoo.  I'll wash my hair about once every 2-4weeks depending on what I've been doing. I always wash in four sections - saves pain and unnecessary tangling. (Rarely do I condition, but if i do it's only for like 20mins about 3 times a year when I remember with Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol Conditioning Mask)... After washing I put in some Dax on my scalp and hair then style. Dax is quite thick so my hair loves it doesn't really get dry but if it does between washes then I just add some more, simples... Before bed i put my hair in whatever headscarf/bandana is near me. Haven't got a special silk scarf or bonnet. Oh if my hair is out (as in just blowdried or straightened) then I'll wrap it or do a few big doodoo plaits then tie it up... Wow writing out my regime sounds like i don't like my hair. In fact I love it, but I just let my hair do what it wants to do, and don't stress over routines and products.
How do you normally style your hair?
It depends on where I'm going and how much time I have. If I blow dry after washing i'll wear it out/clipped for a few days, then just daily make up a style in the morning depending... Or i might flat-twist wet after washing and leave to dry over night and rock that for a few days then it's twist-out time :-) ... I live in London so don't straighten my hair too often coz of the rain, but I'll hotcomb if I do need it straight (Yes, I'm old-school like that)... If I have lots of time on my hands I'll do two-strand twists either with just my hair or add some extensions... Or when I have extra cash on my account or for holiday hair I'll get a full head weave... I'm currently in love with updos so I rock them on every possible occasion.

Who is your hair icon?
Don't really have one, I like anyone who wears their hair naturally with confidence

What was your Momma’s best kept hair secret?
Ummm I think everything I do now I learnt from her at some point, no special secrets.

The one hair product you couldn’t live without?
Errrmmmm Dax?

Mistakes that you’ve learned from.
I'm not crazy adventurous with my hair so aside from styling issues, mistakes are minimal... I've learnt not to take a hotcomb straight off the fire and put it on my hair. Had to grow out a patch from that :-/ Oh and it's wise to watch a couple tutorials before you attempt something new. I trim my own hair now and let's just say my first attempt was bad because I had no real clue what I was doing. But my hair is thick and curly so no one noticed either of these mistakes, thank God.
What’s the best thing about being curly?
I can switch up my style whenever I want to. "Oh you changed your hair!" is something I hear regularly and i love it
Any advice for ‘dem curls out there? Love your own curls as they are and please stay away from lace-fronts on bad hair days
Social Media:
Instagram: @nakawunde
Peace, Love and NaturalHair xx

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