October 15, 2012

5 Tips on Winterizing Your Hair Regime


Welcome to October, the month of my birthday, Halloween and the beginning of winter. Maybe I am overreacting, but it's only October and already it's frigid!!! I hate being cold. I am a summer girl all the way....I mentally clock out between Sept and April each year. 

So why is it important to winterize your hair regime? The cold air and harsh winds can dry out your hair and stress your ends, leading to damage and breakage: a big no no.

So here are 5 tips on updating your hair regime in anticipation for Mr. Winter!

1. Up Your Moisture

Make sure you replenish the moisture in your strands to prevent your hair from drying out. Spritzing a simple water & glycerin mixture onto your strands can help replenish some of the lost moisture. For added moisture, use a leave in conditioner (with water listed as the first ingredient). Co-washes are also a great way to add moisture mid week.

Make sure to show some additional love to your ends, as they are the oldest part of the hair and therefore the driest.

For additional tips check out: Moisturizing Tips 101

2. Heavy Butters/Oils

Use heavier butters and oils to help seal in the moisture from step #1 i.e., castor oil and shea butter.

It's also the perfect time to bring out those hair creams that were too heavy for the summer!

3. Deep Condition

This is very important! DC once a week as it will help to repair damaged hair and add back some of the lost moisture.


4. Get a hat

I hate hats, I really do...when you have a big head, nothing looks good! But...it will help to protect your hair and your ends from Mr. Winter (and it keeps your ears warm). I look horrible in them, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice. 

You can buy hats with silk liners (so that the hats don't rub against your hair and do damage), but they can be a little bit pricey. So tip: take an old silk night cap and sew it into your favourite hate. Voila!

5. Protective Styles

Protective styles (i.e., braids, buns, corn rows, up dos) help to protect your ends from the cold. They also don't require you to man handle your hair every day, so you can give your hair a break.

It's not much of a change from your regular routine and your hair will thank you come Summer!


Peace. Love. & Afro's.
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