October 15, 2012

Diary of a 3B/3C Girl: "Assault"

[J: The latest in the series feature of Annalee, a 3B/3C Girl. Check out her first feature here:  Diary of a 3B/3C Girl: "WTF Am I Doing To My Hair on Vacation"]
You know the background music in all the scary movies when the psycho axe murder is approaching? Well that's what it's like when I see your hand approaching my curls. BACK UP!

For all my girls with curls out there don't you hate when people run their hands through your hair. Especially when they don't ask for your permission!? While I appreciate the intrigue and curiosity (and maybe even envy) with which you're eying my curls the worst thing you can do is touch my hair. And not even touch really. The words that come to mind are ASSAULT, BATTERY AND ABUSE.
Why? Because when your fingers (especially the people out there who like to grow out their nails) run through my curls you completely mess it up! It goes from neatly separately tamed curls to a tumble weed! You make it frizzy! I mean I'm sure it looks effortless and all like I walked out of the shower and it just did what it looks like all on its own (which is usually the case because I'm lazy with my hair) but still! You don't touch dry curls! We don't comb our hair after it dries for a reason. I don't want your make-shift comb/hands in my hair! *see caveat below

Rules On Touching Curly Girls Hair (or mine at least)*:

1) ASK before you touch

2) Retract your claws.

3) Your palm should be the only part of your hand that comes in contact with my hair

4) Use a light touch

5) You have a 1 minute time limit

*hot men excluded

- Annalee of Green Your Beauty

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