August 1, 2012

10 Summer Musts!

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1. Street Festivals
Music, good  food, vendors, people, dancing on the streets....what’s not to love?!
I love street festivals and they are everywhere in the GTA this summer. Recently, I was at Salsa on St. Clair and Midnight Madness in Oakville. I know it’s already August, but there’s still time check out some of the other festivals coming up this summer:
Aug 2 - 5  - Caribana (aka the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival) – Celebrating the music and culture of the Caribbean! Being of Caribbean descent..Jamaican born...I definitely recommend! :)
Aug 10-12 – Taste of the Danforth - I love Greek food!
Aug 10-12 – Oakville Jazz Festival - Featuring live music and bands, and great food!
Aug 23-26 – Buskerfest – Street performers festival including magicians, mimes, and other forms of entertainment.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey

I was very skeptical about this book before I read it, but it is by far my favourite read of the summer. My inner goddess nods in agreement...50 Shades is a must read! :)

3. Mini-Vacay’s
Can't afford to go to Europe or on a big trip to the Caribbean? Take a Mini-Vacay! There are many great places close by that you could bus or drive to.
Spend a weekend checking out the falls, exploring haunted houses, and doing wine tours in Niagara Falls. Take a wilderness tour through Algonquin Park. Or bus to New York City for the weekend! Last year, I went to Washington, DC and NYC. Both of which were very affordable.
This long weekend I'll be roaming around old Montreal with my cousin, should be exciting! :)

4. Get a Curly-Doo
Welcome to Curl Ambassadors, a natural hair care salon servicing people of all ethnicity's, catered specifically to curly hair. My friend told me about them a few months ago, and I went for my Curly-Doo at the beginning of the summer.  I have since been back for a cut, and highlights. I la-love them! They use natural products and the stylists are very knowledgeable - they will help you work towards your hair goals. They service all types of curly's too! The salon is also super cute - very Victorian looking.
Try the Signature Curly-Doo(Wash/Condition/Curly Style), which is only $20 for first time customers! Check out the website to book an appointment: 

5. Food Tours
I la-love food. So a food tour? Count me in. It's like a bar-crawl...but with food! :D I did one in Washington last year and I couldn't walk after. It's a great opportunity to learn more about a city and discover some great eats!
Check out these food tours in Toronto:
6. Bright pants
Bright colours are everywhere this summer! Including pants. My favourite pair that I own are bright yellow. It's like I'm wearing sunshine on my legs :) These pants from Gap are currently on my wish list! 

GAP - 1969 cropped legging jeans

7. Kizomba
I love dance. I have done latin and ballroom, and currently I am a part of a salsa team. A dance style that is beginning to turn heads in Toronto is Kizomba. Originating from Angola, with the music generally sung in Portuguese, it is one of the most sensual and sexy styles of dance I know. To check out one of my favourite couples (Albir and Sara) on YouTube: click here. I loveeee it! :) I was first introduced to it while on exchange in England, but only recently started to dance it more in Toronto.
So whether it's Kizomba, Zouk, salsa, or ballroom, try a new dance style this summer!
8. Superhero Movies
There are so many superhero movies out this summer:
Marvel's The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises
The Amazing Spider-Man
I'm not a big super hero/comic-book buff, but the Avengers was ah-mazing. The other two are definitely on my Summer Must list.

9. Fro-Yo
Frozen yogurt is the ish.

10. Watch a sunrise.
We often go out on weekends, sleep past noon and therefore miss one of the best parts of the day. So try going to bed early one night and waking up early to watch the sunrise. If you're in Toronto..and close..walk down to the lake, it's lovely! :)

Peace, love and fro-yo ya'll! :)

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