August 25, 2012



I have been super busy writing mock cases for the UFE exam in a few weeks. I work for a public accounting firm and I'm in the process of being a Chartered Accountant.

I needed a break! So my friend and I went to the Scotiabank Buskerfest In Support of Epilepsy Toronto.

My goal was to spend $20 that night. So if I don't include donations to Epilepsy Toronto and the performers, I made my goal! lol

4:30 pm - Left work and stopped at Chipotle for some nachos and salsa $2.50

5:15 pm - Reached Buskerfest and got a spray on tattoo :D (I love music) $5

6:00 pm - Bought a hot dog but I was starving, so I ate it before I took a picture $3.50

6:10 - 9:00 pm - Buskerfest Fun!

Couldn't pay me to go up there and
juggle knives and a chain saw...

He fit himself through a
squash racket ...
She looked so real!

Drums, dancing and tricks. Fav act!

Grand Total (Food and Fun): $11

Donations: $25 (It's toward a good cause and the acts were amazing!)
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