August 2, 2012

Congratulations Gabby!!!!!

Gabby Douglas made history today as the first African-American to win a gold medal during a woman's all around event. Her and her team USA also won the the gold medal in the woman's team event.

But what are people commenting on? Not the fact that she made HISTORY...but...her hair.

The black hair community can be ridiculous at times. The 16 year-old girl made history, has 2 gold medals under her belt, a gorgeous smile and all people can talk about is her hair. I was amazed at the comments that were exploding on twitter. Meanwhile, I was looking at everyone elses hair...and white, asain and black..not everyone's hair was perfect at the meet.

It's amazing that among all the hardships that we have fought to overcome we must still deal with haters inside our community, and over something as trivial as hair. For every two steps we take forward as a society, why must we take one back? And that's our own fault. I've seen discrimination within the black community over not just hair, but skin colour, education, and peoples accomplishments! People set these standards for what they consider "good hair" ...and there is no gray area: you either meet the standard or you don't. People need to stop being so ignorant. We are more than just our hair. We are our dreams and our aspirations.

So to all the haters: why don't you try tumbling and flipping through the air...and then check and see if your wash and press is still in tact.

That is all.

Congratulations Gabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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