August 30, 2012

Length Check!

Hola todos!!

So this is my first length check posting. I've been accidentally natural for about 4 years now...and natural natural (i.e., taking-proper-care-of-my-hair-natural) for about 3 years now.

I'm not overly obsessed with length as much as I am with having healthy hair and BIGness..think Esperanza Spalding...Julia Sarr Jamois...Erykah Badu....Diana Ross..Tracee Ellis Ross....I could go on, but just to name a few :D

I've seen many people do the length check for the middle back length by reaching behind there back to pull their hair down. My hair is not that length yet for me to reach back up there. Either that or I am not that flexible in the arms LOL In any case, it's the same length as the first picture.



Peace. Love. Afro's.

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