July 11, 2012

Why Big Mac’s Don’t Grow Hair

Physical hair maintenance (i.e., your hair regime) is only a part of what helps promote healthy hair. Hair is dead, so healthy hair begins from the inside (with the hair follicles) and is reflective of your overall health.

If you want healthier hair and an overall healthier lifestyle, consider the following:

1.Big Mac's Don't Grow Hair

It's important to remember that hair is dead (from the minute it pushes through your scalp). The living part is the hair follicle (underneath your scalp) and this is nourished by your diet. I love hamburgers...but they don't grow hair.
So skip the Big Mac and try:
Hair Food #1. Foods with essential fatty acids (i.e., Salmon, Nuts)
Why it's Awesome: Fatty acids help to promote a healthy scalp and hydrate hair follicles.
Hair Food #2: Foods rich in protein (i.e., eggs, quinoa, meat, beans, and soy)
Why it's Awesome: Protein is very important for healthy hair. Eggs contain protein (which is very important in healthy hair growth!), biotin, and vitamin B12 (all of which help strengthen the hair).
Hair Food #3: Dark Green Vegetables (i.e., spinach, broccoli) 
Why it's Awesome: These veggies are good sources of iron and calcium, which help in the production of sebum (natural oil produced by the scalp).
Hair Food #4: Foods rich in biotin (i.e., Almonds, walnuts, berries, bananas, soy beans, liver)
Why it's Awesome: Biotin helps in the strengthening of hair.

Remember that while your hair may be important to you, it's a non-essential to your body. So if nutrients are ever limited in your system (i.e., through extreme dieting, or you're stuck in a dessert and starving), your body will first send nutrients to the important organs (i.e., your brain) and your hair follicles will be the last thing on the list! So it's important to have a healthy diet, to provide your body with the sufficient nutrients it needs.
2. Drink lots of Water.

Keep yourself hydrated, it's important to your body's functioning (approx 3 L per day).
3. Stress Less
Stress isn't good for the body. It can affect the hormone levels in your system and your hair follicles (which can negatively impact hair growth or contribute to hair loss). 
So whether it's taking a yoga class, practicing meditation, or reducing your work hours...try and lower the stress levels in your life. It'll do you good :)

4. Multi-Vitamins
We're not all perfect and even though we eat properly it may be hard to get 100% of the daily required vitamins and minerals.
In this case, taking a multi-vitamin is important to ensure your body is getting all the required nutrients. I take an Omega 3-6-9 supplement as well.
5. Dance, dance, dance! Or any other form of exercise.

I won't go into a spiel about the health benefits of exercise, only that you should partake in regular physical activity. It's part of a healthy lifestyle :)

6. Sleep
We're only human, there's only so long we can function without sleep before our body begins to shut down. So it's important to get enough rest every night (7-8 hours minimum). Sleep allows the body to re-energize, promoting a healthy immune system and healthy hair growth.

Keep in mind, if you switch from Big Macs to healthier foods today, you won't have better hair tomorrow. It takes a few months, so be patient! :) Just realize that these are all lifestyle changes, that will benefit your overall health and well being. What you eat and your overall lifestyle can be reflective on the bounce in 'dem curls.
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