July 14, 2012

My Hair Routine


So I thought I would blog about my hair regime because I finally found out what works best for my hair. I’ve been natural for 3 years now and it has taken me that long to build a solid routine....no lie. Through research and experimentation (I'm a bit of a product junkie) I've finally found a good combination.
I remember when I was searching for examples on routines, I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find an all-inclusive hair routine fit for my type 4 hair. I since learned, you build your own regime and tailor it to your hair.

I try to use natural products in my hair, because they are of the best quality, and work best on my curls. However, some of my products aren't all natural (mostly so) but still work amazing. It's about finding what works with your hair!
However, it helps to have a foundation. Enjoy! =)

Deep Condition
How Often: My hair is slightly moody  and can get very dry so I’ll deep conditioning it once a week.
Fav Products:
I normally alternate my products to switch it up a bit, or I’ll remix my conditioner (click to see blog post on how to "Remix Your Conditioner"). But my go-to's are,
[Note: The Elasta QP isn't 100% natural, but it works amazing on my hair, leaving it feeling super soft. Plus it's very affordable, the large tub only costs $10.99!]
How Often: A co-wash is a conditioner only wash. I co-wash my hair once or twice during the week (in between the deep conditioning treatments). Co-washes are very good for restoring moisture to my strands mid-week.
Fav Products:
Yes to Carrots, Pampering Conditioner (new fav! - Click here to see my review)

How Often: I’ll shampoo my hair once a month or when I start to feel a product build up. (I always follow up with a deep-conditioning treatment).
Fav Products:
DevaCurl No-Poo (This cleanser has no sulfates, therefore it doesn't lather. I love it! Remember some sulphates aren't good for the hair.)
[Note: If I use a clarifying shampoo (I currently don't have any fav's) or a lathering shampoo, I'll do a pre-poo (pre shampoo) treatment. I’ll dampen my hair with warm water and apply extra-virgin olive oil (or I'll mix a hot-oil treatment). I’ll let it sit on my hair for about 15 minutes. Then I’ll shampoo. I find that my hair gets very dry with clarifying or sudsy shampoos, so the pre-poo helps to counteract that.]

After Conditioning/Co-Wash
1. I use a towel to rid the excess water from my hair. Scrunching not rubbing to prevent tangling and frizz.
2. I spritz a mixture of aloe vera juice and glycerin onto my damp hair. Aloe vera juice helps to balance the pH in your hair and glycerin helps to retain moisture.
3. I apply coconut oil. (I got this idea from a friend. The oil is light enough to not weigh down my hair, and I find adding before my leave-in helps with moisturizing and softness).

4. Apply a leave-in conditioner.
Fav Products:
Kinky-Curly Knot Today (Love, love, love! This is my favourite leave-in. It is amazing at detangling, a great moisturizer, and smells heavenly).
Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In (I recently sampled this from my curl box and really liked it! It doesn't leave my hair as soft as Kinky-Curly but it's a great moisturizer).
5. I use a mixture of Shea butter/olive oil/coconut oil/jojoba oil to seal my ends as I twist my hair. I twist my hair in maybe 10-15 twists to let it air dry.
I'll add approx 2 tablespoons of Shea butter, a few drops of jojoba, 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and mix it together. I'll heat it up to melt the Shea butter (as it's a solid at room temp). This mixture will last me all week. I'll apply it to my strands to seal in the moisture from my conditioner and leave-in. This is perhaps the most important step!
I spritz the same aloe-vera juice/glycerin mixture in my hair to refresh my curls. My hair is normally pretty moisturized from the night before so I won't usually any extra moisturizer.
Or sometimes, I'll let my hair down in the shower and let the steam work it's magic :)
I'll spritz my hair with the aloe-vera juice/glycerin mixture. Add a dab of leave-in (if my hair is feeling dry). I'll apply the Shea butter mix to seal my ends as I re twist my hair.
Sometimes I'll also use a cream to twist my hair (provides a good hold and good for moisturizing).
My fav is: Shea Moisture Organic Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie (I find it works the best on my twist outs and smells amaaaaaaaazing!)
If I'm lazy I won't twist my hair, but I'll pull my hair into a pineapple on top of my head.
I sleep with a silk pillow case or sometimes I'll wear a silk cap.
That's all for now m'loves! Take care,


"El amor mira no con los ojos, sino con la mente"

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