December 24, 2012

Hug and Touchers

So this post is dedicated to the the "Hug and Touch" and all those "Hug and Touchers" out there!

So how do you know when you've encountered a Hug and Toucher?

A hug and toucher is fascinated with your hair. You can see them eyeing it from across the room. They likely already know you, but it is not uncommon to meet someone for the first time and have them be a hug and toucher.

When they come up to say hello and go in for a hug, their hands end up in your hair (referred to as the Hug and Touch). And not just a light touch, but there's some scrunching action...and what could be mistaken as a head rub. You will likely be taken by surprise but not to worry they are not dangerous. Just fascinated.

The hug lasts slightly longer than the normal 2-3 seconds (due to the hands in the hair) and it is a normal to feel uncomfortable.

The hug and toucher often ends with :"I love your hair!"... "It's so soft!" ...or "Sorry, I couldn't help myself!"

Last week, I ran into 3 hug and touchers. It happens so often now, it doesn't even phase me. But for all you hug and touchers out there: If you must scrunch, please, BE GENTLE as to not mess up the curl pattern!

Take care,


Peace. Love. & Hugs.


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